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Tsveta told me a lot about the rose fields and the Bulgarian Rose Valley as I knew nothing about this unique valley.  The Roses are picked in May very early in the morning before the spring sun rises so the morning dew is still on the petals and the Rose aroma fills the air.

The Roses are still picked by hand and taken to the various distilleries to be processed into the essence that is Bulgarian Rose Oil. This concentrated oil is more expensive than gold at around   € 7000.00 a litre. The tiniest drop goes a long long way. The rose oil also doesn’t age and can be kept for ever

It turns out that the most expensive perfume in the world, called “Imperial Majesty No.1“ contains Bulgarian Rose oil. This treasure was created by the designer Clive Christian who purchased the “Crown Perfumery” company, which has been the royal family’s official supplier of perfume since the reign of Queen Victoria in 1872.

It is also used by some of the most famous cosmetic and perfumery companies including Christian Dior, Givenchy, Lancôme, Bulgari, Paco Rabane and Chanel including the most well known of them all being Chanel No.5.

Who new ….not me, I was still learning all about Bulgaria.

We chatted some more Rose Oil and cosmetics in general. Tsveta was a big Dior fan but being in Bulgaria at the time, we looked at some local cosmetics and she was very impressed at the quality and an idea came to us. Whilst many cosmetics say they are organic, not many are certified to internationally recognised standards such as Soil association, USDA, Natrue, Cosmos etc. So we thought why not enter the highly competitive world of cosmetics with a range of Certified organic cosmetics using the famous Bulgarian Rose oil from this beautiful country.

So Sveti Cosmetics was born.

We then got into the wonderful world of web design, this was big eye opener to get a website that looked and felt and worked as we wished it to.  Its not easy at all…… especially as it has to support e-commerce.

For anyone starting out on this path, there is a truly a lot to learn and many many pitfalls to fall over that many professional web designers do not tell you although they are or should be fully aware of these. Feel free to ask me and I will pass on our experience for free.

In the end and onto our third web designer, I decided to learn myself and Tsveta and I came up with the final design and now I am able to maintain and add and create our website, using WordPress and its plugins admittedly but no longer need so much assistance.

We do welcome comments on the look and feel of our website.  We have tried to make it easy to navigate as well as provide plenty of information, not only about ourselves, but about the Rose Oil, our brands and more on Bulgaria which I will save for my next piece. Look out for Bulgaria’s link to NASA, Vampires and ancient Gold in my next blog post (or do please read about it on our website). Or even better, please try our cosmetics, we know they are exceptional, I use the Lexira Rich moisturising Butter as a sort of after shave to calm my face and the effect on my seen can be seen and felt.

we do have samples as well so email us at [email protected] and we can send some to you for free

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