Lady’s Joy Luxury Collection

by Bulgarian Rose Plc

Lady's Joy Luxury Collection with Organic Rose Oil and Rose Water

Established in 1948 in Karlovo in the valley of the roses,  Bulgarian Rose PLC  is one of the first manufacturers of cosmetics with organic Bulgarian rose oil and rose water. Their long journey the company began with a single step: distillation of rosa damascena flower oil. Today Bulgarian Rose Plc  has many cosmetic lines in which the valuable properties of natural Bulgarian rose oil and rose water are a fundamental part.  Their products are suitable for all skin types and hair, especially for dry and sensitive skin, damaged and dulling hair.

We have chosen to bring you their LADY’S JOY LUXURY SKIN CARE range which successfully counteracts  the age-increasing collagen deficit and maintains fresh, youthful looking skin. It intensively moisturises and prevents dehydration, nourishes and regenerates the skin density and elasticity.    These products includes other natural active ingredients such as Moringa oil, Babassu oil, Pea extract, Chlorella Vulgaris extract and are all formulated without parabens, waxes or silicones.

This new cosmetic series combines three basic principles: naturalness of the active ingredients, effective action, and maximum skin protection from external factors. Created in the laboratories of Bulgarian Rose PLC,  Lady’s Joy Luxury skin care is a mix of tradition and recent innovative achievements in active ingredients and technologies, responsive to the market of cosmetic products today

Lady’s Joy Luxury is made from Organic Rose Oil and Rose water certified by Bulgarian Government accredited laboratories and the Bulgarian Institute of Roses and Aromatic Plants and meets all EU legislation pertaining to Cosmetics.


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