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All of our products are free from Animal testing. EU law bans the testing of Cosmetics on animals

From 11 March 2013, the EU completed the ban on the sale of cosmetics animal-tested after that date anywhere in the world. The ban applies to both cosmetics products and ingredients, again irrespective of whether there are alternatives. It is known as the ‘marketing ban’.

The Cosmetics Directive provides the regulatory framework for the banning of animal testing for cosmetics purposes.

Specifically, it establishes:

  • Testing ban – prohibition to test finished cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients on animals;
  • Marketing ban – prohibition to market finished cosmetic products and ingredients in the EU which were tested on animals.

The same provisions are contained in the Cosmetics Regulation, which replaced the Cosmetics Directive as of 11 July 2013.

The testing ban on finished cosmetic products applies since 11 September 2004; the testing ban on ingredients or combination of ingredients applies since 11 March 2009.






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